Class Blog: April 14th

For our post, we wanted to compile different resources for teachers to facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom. Check out our original and pre-made infographics, cool classroom apps, helpful hashtags, and 3T notes!

Readings: Reflective and Recursive Cycle


Stats on Widely Used Social Media Sites in the Classroom



Check out these cool classroom apps! Links below.

Descriptions and links to classroom apps

Write About — digital writing for classrooms

Google Cardboard — virtual reality experiences

Versal — create interactive courses

Noisli — create playlists to help you boost productivity

Formative — digitize assessments, get live results, and give feedback

Periscope — take someone else’s perspective

#helpfulhashtags #intheclassroom #jointheconvo








#ntchat (for new teachers)

#ptchat (connects parents and teachers)

#ccss (discussion on Common Core)

3Ts: Questions/Cautions — Philip & Garcia (2013)


Questions: What new texts will be introduced by the technology? How are traditional texts altered or remediated through new technologies? Why are these texts important for what students will learn?

Cautions: Beyond the initial allure, simply re-presenting traditional texts as pixelated displays does little to improve a learning experience


Qs: How does the tool offer ways of collecting, representing, visualizing, analyzing, and communicating information that contributes to improved learning? What is the context of learning that makes this tool imperative to students’ lives?

Cs: without strong pedagogy to further guide students’ inquiry, students used the bulk of their time to simply alter background colors, fonts, and formats


Qs: How do we support classroom talk that leverages the texts, tools, and new forms of communication introduced through the technology to support student learning? Are the ways discourse transpires within classrooms made more robust as a result of this tool? How are forms of communication limited?

Cs: Attempts to presumably win youth over with textspeak can also sacrifice the limited opportunities that students have to grow as participants in academic discourse



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