Class Blog: March 17th

For our collaborative blog post, we decided to connect via Google Hangouts to discuss our thoughts and opinions about this week’s readings on transcultural digital literacies. Our original intention on Google Hangouts was to conduct a quick, online brainstorming session for the “real” written blog post. However, as soon as we started chatting, several points of contention and “aha” moments arose for each of us, thus we decided it’d be interesting to capture these moments in a real time, screen-captured two-way interview.

From our discussion of  Appadurai’s (1996) notion of culture, to Stornaiulo & LeBlanc’s (2014) scale, to personal thoughts on the K-pop craze (Kim 2015), we attempted to explore a few of the key themes in this week’s readings as well as some of our own feelings surrounding the ideas presented in these texts. By asking and answering each other’s questions, we were able to explore in greater depth the points that puzzled and intrigued us in the authors’ discussions of culture, digital media, and globalization, and we hope that the questions posed in this video can serve as a jumping off point for further in-class discussion of what it means to be “transcultural” in an increasingly globalized and technologically-mediated world.


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